Data can be intimidating. It can be unruly and unforgiving. Our approach is designed to take the fear out of the process. Our process starts by understanding what you already have, before making clear recommendations to improve and build on it. Having done this, we extract the key insights, before delivering them to you in a highly commercial and engaging way.
We don’t believe in over-complicating things, so here are our four simple steps:

  • Data auditing
  • Consolidating data
  • Extracting insight
  • Communicating findings
Data auditing
First, we get under the skin of your business, what you’re looking to achieve and what data you have available. We also look for the gaps in the information you do have, and the best ways to fill these gaps. This might be using other data already out there, or by collecting some extra data to make yours even better. Once we’re totally up to speed, only then can we suggest the best solution for you and your business; we’re not in the business of just providing another solution off the shelf.

Consolidating data
Once we know what data we’re working with, we start exploring it. We clean it, we transform it, we link it, and we make it useable. If there are any gaps, or areas left untouched, we get our hands dirty and collect the information that’s needed. We bridge that gap between the why and the what, between the market research and the big data.

Extracting insight
Next, we put our expertise to work – we extract the insight from your data. We won’t confuse you with statistical terms, we won’t “blind you with science” and we won’t bore you with unnecessary details (unless you want them of course). We’ll work with proven methodologies and innovative new techniques to interrogate your data and answer your commercial objectives.

Communicating findings
Finally, we turn all of this into visually impactful, smart business advice that can be put to work in your business. We know each business we work with is different, so we’ll discuss what bespoke output will be best for you and your internal clients. Whether this output is a summary, an infographic, a video, or something else, we’ll help you deliver the answers to your questions in the simplest, most succinct and engaging way.  We know you’re busy, so we get straight to the point.